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Soraya Ezazipour

My name is Soraya Ezazipour and I am a PhD student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, US. My PhD research focuses on developing algorithms and theorems for a variety of issues in combinatorial optimization, integer programming, network design and analysis, and operations research. I’m also passionate about employing heuristic algorithms to solve complex optimization problems in a more efficient and timely manner than traditional methods. Artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, and the ant colony optimization method have all proven to be quite helpful in overcoming these problems.

You can download my CV here: CV-Ezazipour





Description: Work done for my PhD dissertation in applied mathematics. You can download its summery here : PhDProject

Description: Work done for my MSc thesis in Applied Mathematics. You can download its summery here : MSProject

Recent Publications:

  1. Soraya Ezazipour and Ahmad Golbabai, A globally convergent neurodynamics optimization model for mathematical programming with equilibrium constraints, Kybernetika, vol. 56 (2020), issue 3, pp. 383-409. link
  2. Ahmad Golbabai and Soraya Ezazipour, A projection-based recurrent neural network and its application in solving convex quadratic bilevel optimization problems, Neural Computing and Applications, (2019), 1-14. link
  3. Ahmad Golbabai and Soraya Ezazipour, A high-performance nonlinear dynamic scheme for the solution of equilibrium constrained optimization problems, Expert Systems with Applications, (82) (2017), 291–